Using Sapphires in Jewelry


For centuries, sapphires have been associated with royalty and romance. A striking stone, its intense color can be used to enhance the vibrance of any piece – or command just as much attention on its own. These three pieces all feature blue sapphires accented with diamonds.

The ring features a  3.81 carat unheated sapphire center stone, surrounded by 1.8 carats in diamonds. The band is made from antique platinum with yellow gold prongs as an additional detail. Quality sapphires are known for their rich velvety texture within a dark blue or almost violet color. In this piece, the blue works as a powerful focal point with the surrounding diamonds accentuating the viewable quality of the stone.

The earrings each feature a 3 carat unheated sapphire center stone, surrounded by 2.4 carats in diamonds and platinum deco mountings.

The sophisticated design and deco influence allows the sapphires to stand out, while the clarity of the diamonds allows the focus to remain on the deep blue.

Contrary to the ring and earrings, the Tiffany & Co. bracelet takes a much more delicate approach. It features approximately 4.50 carats of sapphires, approximately 4 carats in diamonds and platinum mountings. The traditional design of the bracelet is lightly accented by the stones and rather than having one major focal point, the stones work together to form an elegant wrist piece.


Vintage Animal Brooches


These playful birds are original vintage pieces from the 1950′s and 1960′s. Specific eras have always given way to certain visual trends. During this period of time, jewelers such as Cartier, Verdura, and Boucheron, were each creating collections inspired by a more whimsical approach to animals.

These three particular pieces from our collection are no exception to vintage fantasy.

The duck (top) the robin (left) and the owl (right) were all created in France by master jewelers. The duck features a slightly abstract design with a coral center, sapphire face, and added diamonds for eyes; while the robin presents almost a fairytale look with its charming design featuring a turquoise center, sapphire eyes, and diamonds for feathers. The owl was made with 18 carat yellow gold, pink jade for its center and green tourmaline for eyes.